Better Together

Better Together

I’m going to be great alone, but we’re going to be Better Together

Better Together

Better Together

Why bother? Sure, you can do it alone, but haven’t we learned that 1 + 1 > 2? It’s simple math. But we still don’t do it.

DISCLAIMER: I also don’t drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice every morning, but it would be better if I did. We don’t all do what we’re supposed to do–even if it’s better.

This post is a reminder that 2016 is almost over and 2017 is upon us. 2017 will bring Better Together. Did you catch that? There’s “better” but 2017 is going to bring it together. I know, it’s confusing. Better exists, it’s there, it’s probably what you’re striving for: to be better. But better is going to be together. It’s not just better, but better together. In fact, you can’t get the kind of better alone, you have to be better together or you don’t get that extra goodness.

Here’s my plan for 2017 (see lyrics below):

But if all of these dreams might find their way
Into my day to day scene

“My dreams into my day to day scene.” Yup, that about sums it up for me.

What’s your plan for 2017?

Better Together by Jack Johnson

There is no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard
No song that I could sing, but I can try for your heart
Our dreams, and they are made out of real things
Like a, shoe box of photographs
With sepia-toned loving
Love is the answer,
At least for most of the questions in my heart
Like why are we here? And where do we go?
And how come it’s so hard?
It’s not always easy and
Sometimes life can be deceiving
I’ll tell you one thing, it’s always better when we’re together

Mm, it’s always better when we’re together
Yeah, we’ll look at the stars when we’re together
Well, it’s always better when we’re together
Yeah, it’s always better when we’re together

And all of these moments
Just might find their way into my dreams tonight
But I know that they’ll be gone
When the morning light sings
And brings new things
For tomorrow night you see
That they’ll be gone too
Too many things I have to do
But if all of these dreams might find their way
Into my day to day scene
I’d be under the impression
I was somewhere in between
With only two
Just me and you
Not so many things we got to do
Or places we got to be
We’ll sit beneath the mango tree now

Yeah, it’s always better when we’re together
Mm, we’re somewhere in between together
Well, it’s always better when we’re together
Yeah, it’s always better when we’re together

I believe in memories
They look so, so pretty when I sleep
Hey now, and when I wake up,
You look so pretty sleeping next to me
But there is not enough time,
And there is no, no song I could sing
And there is no combination of words I could say
But I will still tell you one thing
We’re better together

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About the Author:

Bradley Charbonneau was sitting with his 8-year old reading a bad children's book when he said to his son, "We can do better than this ... and you're going to help me." Then they did it. He hasn't stopped since.


  1. Writing Every Day Beyond 1,000 Posts December 16, 2016 at 2:25 pm - Reply

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  2. Hermann Baltes December 16, 2016 at 8:26 pm - Reply

    Better together. That´s it! It just resonates. In my mind, in my heart.
    The cause of all pain is being separated. Being separated from him or her, from them, from all – from yourself.
    Merci Bradley.


    • Bradley December 19, 2016 at 12:57 pm - Reply

      Ooh, you add something I didn’t touch on: being separated from yourself. If we can “fix” that one, we can fix all of them.

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