Now I care.

I just wrote that sub-headline. I didn’t plan it. It’s what came out. That’s what happens when you’re no longer scared of a blank page, when you’re in such “writing shape” that you dare to write out a few words and will work with them.

If I were to use a running analogy, I finished the marathon (at 1,000 posts), I did a little warm down for a few blocks and now I’m ready for more.

I’m just getting warmed up.

At 1,100 Posts in 1,100 Days, I’ve done the warm down and I’m ready for another marathon.

“Aren’t you glad that’s over!?” they ask. “What’s over? Nothing’s over. I’m just getting started.”

You see, I’m not a marathoner. I’m a runner.

I’m not writing a blog post, I’m not on my 4th book, I’m not a guest poster, guest on podcasts, I’m a writer.

  • Don’t ask me if I’m running out of ideas–I’m actually running a backlog.
  • Don’t ask me when I’m going to stop–I’ll stop when I run out of creativity.
  • Ask me what you’d like me to write about–and where.
  • Tell me what you’ve done that you previously thought was impossible that you now think is possible.

The question is no longer If but How Much?

Back to the runner … it’s not if I’ll run another marathon, it’s which one. It’s no longer just writing, it’s what medium? Not if I’ll write a book, it’s which book will be first (actually, I know–and it will be written in November and published in December).

If I was reborn at 1,000, at 1,100, I’m learning how to talk. For a writer, it’s a license, a ticket, a free pass for the unlimited buffet. I’m not just unstoppable, I’m snowballing–faster, bigger, stronger.

I have to stop. I’m on an airplane and I think that signal that they can’t really detect about signals eminating from devices is coming not out of my laptop but out of my fingers and my heart.

  • Possible: 1 Post in 1 Day
  • Impossible: 1,000 Posts in 1,000 Days
  • Repossible: 1,100 Posts in 1,100 Days

What was previously for me impossible is now repossible.