The Secret of Markree Castle

Please pardon our dust … this page is a work in progress.

It’s mid-November. We’re smack exactly in the middle of NaNoWriMo and writing the sequel to this book called “The Key to Markree Castle.” Dec is working on illustrations in Beijing, Lu is helping with plot here in San Francisco. I pay Lu in gum (although he’s not really supposed to have it because of his braces). I pay Dec in In-N-Out burgers when they come to visit.

This is the “book sales page” for the first book in the series. As things heat up, I’m getting more and more requests to help promote the book. Thus, this page. But it’s taking lots of work to make it great. Then I want to make it better than great.

Stay tuned here and over at the Key to Markree Castle book sales page … oh wait, I have to build that one, too.

Goodnight–and thanks for visiting!

Markree Castle Book Cover

4 boys for 3 days in 1 castle. It can only add up to trouble. Well, unless you’re one of the 4 boys. 

There was supposed to be a babysitter. But she broke her leg.

What are the boys supposed to do? What would your boys do with 3 days of free reign to explore a medieval castle? 

If you’re reading this in late 2015, book #2 in the Markree Castle series is happening right now. So catch up on book #1 so you’ll be prepared for book #2. 

This book was written with kids, for kids.

You see, dear reader, I don’t know yet. These four boys are the creatives behind the story. In many ways, I’m just the messenger. The story and magic and secrets of the castle are up to them. It’s a collaborative effort and we talk, we imagine, we have Skype calls with poor WiFi connections while two boys are getting ready for bed in San Francisco, California and the other two are having breakfast in a restaurant in their hometown of Beijing, China. A good idea? No way! But fun and rewarding? Absolutely.

Great story! Loved the plot, the characters, the intrigue, and not knowing if Killian was good or scary bad. Though I’m no kid anymore, I enjoyed reading about newfound fast friends, sibling rivalries and the universality of soccer. Well done, Bradley and Rick! Can’t wait to read the sequels!

There are only 4 reasons to read this book.

  • Li: 11-year old from San Francisco. Not sure if it’s worth going under the castle. Do they have WiFi here?
  • Dec: 11-year old from Beijing. A cheeseburger sounds good about now. Is there an In-N-Out around here?
  • Lu: 9-year old from San Francisco, lover of vanilla yogurt and impressions of hip hop dance moves. Wait, are we in a castle? Cool!
  • Dan: 9-year old from Beijing, smart, fast, and annoying. Not necessarily in that order. “We’re going downstairs no matter what.”
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Two 9-year olds and two 11-year old boys helped write this book.

Read it together with your kids and let them know that 4 young creative boys were behind the storyline. Would your kids like to write a book together with you someday?
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