The Secret of Kite Hill

Way too bouncy ball.What’s under your neighborhood?

It’s those overly bouncy blue and orange dog balls. That’s really the cause of the whole thing. This ball bounced into a hole, well, a cave, kind of a tunnel. I certainly wasn’t dumb enough to go after it … but my dog was.

What’s a parent to do?

  • For kids. By kids.
  • Chock-full of questionable parenting techniques (that your kids will admire).
  • Proof that you don’t need to go to Denmark or Disneyland for adventure. It’s in your own neighborhood.
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Your purchase will help fund the chewing gum habit for a certain 9-year old to fuel future books in the series!
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There would be over 250 reviews on Amazon if all of the 9-year olds who have read the book had accounts.

We’ll just have to wait until 7 more years to hear what they said. In the meantime, here’s his mom.

My 9 year old son read this book and loved it. It’s easy to read for that age (but not too easy), short and funny. He especially liked, no surprise here, the parts that were written by Lu (fart destroyer of aliens) and Li. I read the book as well and enjoyed all the introspective musings of the father taking his sons and dog on an adventure, doubting his decisions all the way but happy he did it after all. I definitely recommend it!
emed, via Amazon

Parents, this is a book to read together with your kids.

Is your family suffering because you can’t actually visit Hogwarts? Bring the adventure–and imagination–back home.

With The Secret of Kite Hill, two boys, their dad and their dog are just walking home from school. No magic wands here! An average afternoon quickly turns into a dangerous adventure as they have to make quick decisions, work together and think about what mom would do.

Is it real? Is it all in their imagination? You be the judge.

You’re looking for more adventure in your family life, but don’t want to pull out the Xbox swords.

Join Li & Lu on their walk home. At each decision they have to make, what would you have done as a young kid? What do you think your mom or dad would have done? Would they have left the ball? What about if your dog went in? Do you think they made the right decisions?

Let Li & Lu know what you think in the comments on the Amazon page for the book

This little book was a delight to read. It had me laughing out loud a few times, and wondering what twists and turns were coming next.

Most of all, it made me want to have an adventure with my kids… even though I don’t have any yet. 🙂

John M., via Amazon

Ready for a taste of the adventure of Kite Hill?

Here’s chapter one of the book for your enjoyment. Download Chapter One for Free!

Download Chapter One

Meta note: Oh man, is this more work than I imagined! I’m almost done, but see that this can be an excellent tool for book sales. I see how it can be just a quickie job or really a good job. I’m going to do the latter! Fun!



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