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If you haven’t woken up to this productivity tip, you’re asleep at the wheel.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to improve in:

  • Making more money,
  • Getting healthier or more fit,
  • Being happier,
  • Changing directions in your life,
  • Losing weight.

It’s just one trick and you’re better off. It’s also not mutually exclusive. Meaning that if you use this technique you can still use other techniques. In fact, I encourage it. This will be the basis for all other techniques and eventually those other methods will fall away after they’ve done their job.

This isn’t a job or a task or even really a trick–except in the sense that it’s something like magic. If you cringe the first time you hear it, it’s OK, it will get easier.

If it makes you feel better, you can pay me $97 for letting you in on the secret. Or we could have 8 weekly phone calls over 2 months. Or I could write a book and cite sources and research and experts. If I do it that way, you might actually believe me more. It might soak deeper into your core and you’ll more quickly adapt to the new life you’ve created.

But I don’t have other things to do today. I’m working on a novel together with a friend. Building an online course that’s going to help loads of writers sell tons more books. Writing a non-fiction, self-help book on how small change leads to big change. I moved to another country where I’m loving it more than I even imagined.

In other words, my life has changed dramatically thanks to this one technique. Ready? Don’t cringe. Don’t panic. Don’t run. Let it soak in.

Wake up earlier.

I didn’t even bold it. Not even Heading 2 or even Heading 3. Part of that was so that people didn’t scroll down through all of my dramatic build up to something so painfully easy it sounds easily painful. (Ooh, I like that!)

There are deeper additional instructions on top of just waking up earlier, but for now, know that it’s as simple as this. I challenge you, without giving you any more advisement on what to actually do with that extra time in the morning, to set the alarm 2 hours earlier than normal and simply work on how you can improve your life.

Sounds simple, right?

  • Possible: painful
  • Impossible: easy
  • Repossible: painfully easy
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