Are you taking in the new car smell?

There's usually a choice. It's usually yours.

What have you always wanted to do, but never believed was possible?

There's usually a choice. It's usually yours./

If you don’t fail, can you still learn?

By |August 31st, 2015|

Aim high, fail, learn.

I’m not going to buy your print book.

By |August 27th, 2015|

They take up space in my cluttered house.

I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.

By |August 26th, 2015|

Let your fingers do the thinking.

Someone should do something about that.

By |August 23rd, 2015|

What if that someone is you?

Are you a writer?

By |August 21st, 2015|

Well, are you?

Write what you want to read.

By |August 20th, 2015|

What book would you buy if it existed?

My chinchilla peed on my keyboard so I couldn’t work on my novel. What’s your favorite excuse for not writing?

By |August 17th, 2015|

My dog peed on my keyboard. What's your excuse?

Warning: self-improvement experiments can be contagious.

By |August 16th, 2015|

More beneficial side effects from doing a challenge or experiment in a group setting.

Make money, teach your kids math, and clean the house … at the same time.

By |August 14th, 2015|

I hear you, "Are you kidding? I can't do any one of those three!"

Write in a different place and at a different time every day.

By |August 13th, 2015|

4 out of 5 made-up studies show that changing your writing location and time improves your writing.