Manuel de los Santos  invites you to face what is important. Important is love.

Santos lost his love with his leg. And he found it again. Golf did it to him. It is amazing how well he hits the ball and how smooth his swing is. Balance is of utmost importance. Even with two legs it is difficult to really balance your swing.

Without inner harmony, your swing will never be fully balanced.

Santos is balanced as his golf swing reconnects him with something bigger than himself. Whenever we counter something bigger than ourselves, suffering is absent.

[quote]When you feel good, all impossible becoming possible. Only believe. — Manuel de los Santos[/quote]

See, for instance when you face and truly see a majestic mountain you can’t think of your money problems or stuff, when you truly connect you don’t think whatsoever. You become quiet and still. True happiness is always wrapped in stillness. Then the dreadful illusions vanish. Whenever I feel bad, it happens just because my homemade illusions have fogged up reality.

Watching Santos play wakes me up – and refreshes my deeper love for all.


  1. Possible: live as half the person you were. 
  2. Impossible: live as the full person you were.
  3. Repossible: live as more than the person you were.