We’re Number One! We did it, you did it, thank you!

Thank you so much for your support with the book launch campaign! On just the second day, we hit #1 on the charts!

"The Key to Markree Castle" #1 on Amazon

“The Key to Markree Castle” #1 on Amazon. We’re even on the HOT list! Get it while it’s still HOT!

If you know anything about Amazon algorithms and ranking systems, you’ll get a geeky chuckle out of this, but our book is Number 1 right now in the category of “Hot New Releases in Children’s Fantasy & Supernatural Mystery Books.”

Get it While it’s HOT!

My joking mathematical mind added a few more categories to the list, “Hey, we’re #1 on the Amazon children’s books in the fantasy and books about castles in Ireland written by a group of 4 boys (not 3, not 5), 2 of which must be from the western world and 2 from the east, published on a Thursday, the 2nd book in a series of 3, with a character named Alastar.”

I’ll stop with the dorky math jokes and celebrate that we’re #1 on Amazon, no matter how deep the category. You have to start somewhere! Better here than if we were #1 in the category of “Amazon’s Top 10 of books with the most spelling mistakes and mean bartenders scaring young boys eating fries.”