Are we there already?

It seems like yesterday we were at 500. I say “we.” Ha, that’s funny. It’s so just me.

Adventures of two young boys in San Francisco.

Do you know who lives under your neighborhood? 

#527 (Wanted: WordPress Project Manager) was a biggie. Trying to get some help with all of the website design work. It’s working as I just hired a guy this past week! The point of this is mostly so that I can do more work like #550 (Li & Lu and the Secret of Kite Hill). Since #500, I actually wrote and published a children’s book. I needed to spell that out for myself, that I wrote and published a book.

I can easily say that this would not have happened had I not had this Machine at my disposal: this writing machine. It’s just a factory, it will produce something everyday. No matter what. It might be short, it might be long, it might be good, it might be bad, but it might be really good. But it’s certainly different than if I weren’t writing at all.

[quote]”Nothing” isn’t good or bad, it’s just nothing. “Something” you can judge to be good or bad.[/quote]

Much of these past 100 posts were fun, writing-related, or even writing/marketing work. I spent April on the A to Z Challenge again, which is a fun and important exercise in creativity–and seeing what you do when you have to use a letter of the alphabet. I used the 26 posts to work on marketing ideas for the book. Of course, actually going through with the actual work of marketing a book is another story, but hey, I have another 100 posts coming up, right?