500 Posts in 500 Days

500 Posts in 500 Days

Is it another 100 already? Where does the time go?

I’m not really ready for this 500 post. I’m just kinda cruising and enjoying–even needing–the daily routine that it’s become. On that note, this sums it up quite well: it’s become something that I “depend” on. I’m kinda all over the map lately with work, personal life, family, and goals and my Write Every Day keeps me grounded somehow. Someone asked, “Just stop if it’s taking up time in your day.” I think the opposite, “No, it’s the only thing holding it all together.” So I’ll keep going, happy to be the actor on the stage and the audience of one and I’m enjoying the journey. I like that I don’t have a destination because if I did, I might arrive and then the journey would be over.

[quote]I’m just writing. It’s just a part of who I have become. [/quote]

I oddly don’t care as much as I used to about traffic, clicks, shares and all that as I’m just writing. I’m just doing what I like to do. I’m no longer doing it for anyone else, it’s just for me. That’s probably why it’s still working.

Pass the Sour Cream

I'll go in if you go in.

I’ll go in if you go in.

I’ve allowed this to morph into … whatever it wants to be. I have no (more) rules and it’s been more and more enjoyable. I was reading a story to my boys the other night and thought to myself, “I could do better than this.” So I started. As of today, it’s only three chapters, but the boys are actually helping me write it and give me ideas for what might happen next. Two boys, their father, and their dog are just walking home from school when their ball rolls into a cave in a public park. We’ll see what happens.

But the absolute lightning bolt of joy came when my 7-year old, after I read chapter three aloud to them (as well as my visiting family) said, “Keep going. I want to know what happens next!”

WordPress U

Managing Images in WordPress

Managing Images in WordPress

I’m not putting enough time into WPU of late, but I did learn an important lesson along the way. In conversation with Faith Watson, I’m learning that I need to sell what people “wish” for as opposed to what they “want.” In other words, I need to sell the pretty and shiny thing and not necessarily the useful thing. In WordPress speak, it might be better if I built some pretty child themes rather than selling a course on how to use the Canvas theme. So that’s the plan, I just need the time to make it happen. Working on it.

Built a course on Managing Images in WordPress that will hopefully prove helpful for folks struggling with image management, organization, placement and layout in a WordPress page or post.

Likoma & Repossible

Likoma and Repossible have taken back seats. Likoma bumps along with new clients and new websites. Things are, in fact, getting more streamlined behind the scenes, and the time is overdue. Repossible I would love to work on (and occasionally do) but it’s lost some of the passion for me.

Yet, this is part of the process of juggling several balls: you see what stays up and see what falls down. It will naturally happen, so let it. See you at 600.

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About the Author:

Bradley Charbonneau was sitting with his 8-year old reading a bad children's book when he said to his son, "We can do better than this ... and you're going to help me." Then they did it. He hasn't stopped since.


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  2. Hermann Baltes February 26, 2014 at 6:57 am - Reply

    Wonderful. The reason we are here is to find ourselves, to become who we are. So, love is the question – with no answer.
    The answer, the arriving is not important.
    I can´t lose that which belongs to me. And I can`t hold on to anymore which does not belong to me.
    Or to speak with Goethe: “Overcome what overcomes you”.
    Merci pour tout, Bradley.



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