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Who are Li & Lu?

Li likes burgers. Lu likes fries.

That pretty much sums up their entire biographies.

You can read more about their adventures (and lots of talk about food) in any of their four books. Li just made a book trailer about their first book and Lu is working on the music for the audiobook version.

In other words, these boys aren’t just the heroes of the stories, they’re the creators.

LiOlder & Wiser
Li is the older brother of the more famous Lu, but Li’s heart can burst through his chest and the innocence of youth will shine through like a surprising jolt of sun through a blanket of dark clouds.

Wanna know even more? More >>

LuYounger & Cleverer
Lu is the younger brother of the way less famous Li, but can be wise beyond his years in surprising moments of clarity.

In case that’s not enough: Even more >>

Amazon’s #1 Best Seller.

The Li & Lu series has yet to break sales records but stick around and help us try!

Book #1 is FREE!
My 9 year old son read this book and loved it. It’s easy to read for that age (but not too easy), short and funny. He especially liked, no surprise here, the parts that were written by Lu (fart destroyer of aliens) and Li.

The Secret of Kite Hill Book Trailer.

Created by Li and Li alone. Tools: iPad + finger.

6 Reasons to Get to Know Li & Lu

  • They’re good at math. Well, sometimes.
  • They like fries, burgers and broccoli. Pretty much in that order.
  • They love cleaning up the house. OK, not at all. (Does this one even count?)
  • They invite their friends into the fantasies of their books. (Now that’s cool.)
  • Lu is a much better PS4 player.
  • Li can’t figure out how to edit this list so he can’t change #5.
They're taking form as animated characters. Even talking with GIRLS!

They’re taking form as animated characters. Even talking with GIRLS!

More people have read the Li & Lu series than live on our street.

Join them in supporting our heroes so they can buy gum and M&M Peanut and fortify future adventures.

I’m Li’s friend (I’m in book #5) and I actually do eat more than just pita bread. I just wanted to get that on the record. See you in book 5!
Toto, Team Joost
I’m not a real person, but if I were, I’d say here that Li & Lu inspire me because they take boring events in their real lives and turn them into adventures on the pages. I want to be their friend. So, are they real or what?
Fake 10-year old, Wonderland
Bradley Charbonneau paints a lovely picture of contentment and joy! The books are like Shrek, with the kid parts and the adult parts and then the total inside jokes!
An Actual Real Reviewer, via Amazon
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