We all have a power plant of bustling creativity inside of us. It’s those who let it out–and who know how to let it out–who benefit from it.

But we all have it. I’d venture to say that we’re all created with the same amount, just like we’re all created with a brain and a heart and blood. It’s how we use it, exercise it, and allow it to do its thing that makes the difference.

There’s also a compound effect in that the more we use it, the strong it becomes–just like our heart or a muscle. The beauty comes when you use it so much that your creativity is “in great shape” and it can perform in a greater capacity than you expected.

“We all have the muscle of creativity in our minds, but for it to consistently give great results it needs daily exercise.” ― Yusuf A. Leinge

If you don’t use your creativity, it will shrivel up and slumber. I don’t think it can die or perhaps it will you die–but even at that point I’m not sure. Keep it going, keep it working, keep it active and it will reward you exponentially more than the effort you put into it.

In fact, the surprise comes when your creativity surprises your own self, amazes what you thought were the limits that you had on it, but it goes beyond what you ever imagined or thought possible. There comes a point when you are no longer “using” your creativity, but it is using you.

  • Possible: be creative
  • Impossible: try to suppress creativity completely
  • Repossible: allow it to escape and amaze