re009: Every Single Week

re009: Every Single Week

What do we do weekly? Why? How does it work? [I spoke this into the iPhone Notes app using Siri’s dictation. Then, yeah, not exactly efficient, I read into the microphone what I had spoken out. Maybe a little backward. Hey, give the guy a little slack....
re010: Discovering a new tool for creation: Dictation Brain

re007: Happy as a Dog

How complicated does it all have to be? How long does a podcast episode need to be to really get at the heart of happiness? Could it really all be so simple?
re011: Eleven is more than zero

re006: One Thing

There’s just this one little thing you need to succeed. This was all clear to me this morning. To enter the world of the Repossible, we’re going to need some tools. Well, really just one tool or skill or talent or practice. Here it comes, no holding back,...