Can hypnosis help us heal ourselves?

If you’re looking to get from beta (brain wave state) to alpha (or even delta or theta), can hypnosis help you get there? Why do you want to get to alpha (or above)? To get your subconscious to work on your self that your conscious cannot, which is quite a bit: healing for one. This audiobook focuses on using hypnosis as a means to help your body heal itself.

What if you just called it meditation? Would it be more accepted?

What if you just called it meditation? Would it be more accepted?

Full title: Heal Yourself with Medical Hypnosis: The Most Immediate Way to Use Your Mind-Body Connection

Will it help you connect your mind and body? What is hypnosis exactly? Dr. Weil gets into how hypnosis can help you heal using the mind-body connection (how your mind can help your body) and then Dr. Gurgevich gives a nice history of hypnosis as well as a wonderful section on debunking the myths of hypnosis: what it’s not, what it is. For example, he says no one can put someone else under hypnosis, it is truly your own self that will allow it or not (yes, someone can help you get into a hypnotic state).

I’m a new fan of Dr. Weil, but I’m catching up. He’s extremely easy to listen to and brings complex topics down to earth so we mortal can understand them well. He talks about these topics as if they are common knowledge, as if everyone does them, or at least everyone should. But the crazy thing is that you believe him, you think he’s right. He seems to suggest such logic that there’s not much room for debate. Of course, he’s not guaranteeing anything, he’s just stating what he knows and has experienced.

At the very least, it’s worth exploring. As they say many times, it costs nothing and has only positive side effects. What other treatments can say that?

From a review from AudioFile:

[quote]The subject is altered mind states (typically, hypnosis) within which our consciousness is changed and we are capable of influencing our physiology and even curing medical problems.[/quote]

  • Possible: close your eyes and wish.
  • Impossible: close your eyes, wish, and expect change.
  • Repossible: close your eyes and don’t try so hard.