The boys are the stars, should they be front and center?

Or do we leave what they (kinda) look like to the imagination of the reader?

As the main writer of the series, I’m a little too close to the decision to choose. I like them both for their own reasons. But I’m putting the choice out there to the readers to see what they think.

The Key to Markree Castle Book Cover

The Key to Markree Castle Book Cover

Just the Castle

This version leaves more open to the imagination. It’s just a castle, what’s going on in there? But who are these kids? Wait, what kids? If you read “The Secret of Markree Castle” then you know these boys already and you probably have your own versions of what they look like in your head.

  1. Spooky, intriguing, but not human
  2. Helps focus on the title and subtitle, plus the authors are listed.
  3. Can see more of castle
The Key to Markree Castle Book Cover

The Key to Markree Castle Book Cover

Caricatures of the Boys

These are artist’s renditions of the boys based on photos. Because, of course, I know what the boys look like, I like them. I also really enjoy that none of them have that classic Hollywood smile going, but all have a look of intrigue on some level or another.

  1. I like that they all look different
  2. Also have very different expressions on their faces
  3. Concerned that the caricatures are too close to what they really look like

What do you think? Do you judge a book by its cover? Of course, we all do, especially before we read it!

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