Loyal to a fault.


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Li is older, more mature, and always up for a good Bratwurst.

The oldest of the Markree Castle crew. Can he find the treasure?

The oldest of the Markree Castle crew. Can he find the treasure?

Li is the older brother of the more famous Lu, but Li’s heart can burst through his chest and the innocence of youth will shine through like a surprising jolt of sun through a blanket of dark clouds.

This is from the character profiles in Li & Lu series.

Li is down to business and wants to get things done–even if getting things done means only to finish breakfast. He knows he’s bigger than his little brother, but he’s concerned about Lu’s boldness with strangers (think of Margaret¬†and Alastar and even Killian).

He has a strong left foot for soccer and is determined when he’s focused. He might feign lack of interest (e.g. to head into the dungeon of a castle), but will come through like a rockstar when you need to count on him.

He showed himself as big brother in The Secret of Kite Hill and has matured into the Markree Castle series and who knows where he’ll end up after Markree.

Here’s the full clan of characters from The Markree Castle series:

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