Gleam is fun, addictive and can build your traffic and social reach. So what’s not to love?

We have a Gleam campaign going on as well as a Thunderclap campaign. Oh my, how they are different beasts! It’s also a very clear lesson in KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid).

While Gleam is fun and you can earn points and maybe win an Amazon Fire (no, really, check it out below), it’s not completely straightforward with what you’re supposed to really do and there are too many options for the visitor.

Sure, we could have removed some of the options, but they are fun, so we kept them. But when people asked me, “Bradley, if there is one way I can help you with your book launch promotion, what would it be?”

The answer is, “Join the Thunderclap campaign.”

That’s it.

“But Bradley, I see that in the Gleam giveaway, one way to earn points is to join the Thunderclap campaign. So can’t I just do both?”

“Absolutely, but you are the 2% of people who actually got that far in Gleam, read below the fold, actually logged in with Facebook (or Twitter or Pinterest) and clicked on a few things to see how it worked. Thank you for being so diligent and for that diligence, you have a better chance of winning that Amazon Fire.”

But it’s a numbers game. Gleam is going to reap, I don’t know, maybe clicks and likes and shares and tweets in the hundreds. Dunno. After 24+ hours on Thunderclap, 34 people have “supported” and we’re up to 47,795 social media reach. Those are serious numbers.

Do they translate into book sales? Of course not, but I do know that 47,795 is larger than 477.

I’ll keep this post up to date with Gleam experiences because I know it has its place, I just need to find it.