A whole new meaning to Gut Feeling.

He claims that so many ailments, symptoms, and even diseases originate in the gut. It makes sense, doesn’t it? He’s done the research on himself first then his patients and then wrote the very popular Clean book.

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Can so many of our ailments originate in the gut?

Can so many of our ailments originate in the gut?

He goes into great detail about the body, the gut, how things work and his experience with it all. He drops in a few brief case studies to illuminate in real terms what a change meant to someone who was suffering. I especially like the tricky cases where traditional doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on with a person, but he could.

He’s very good at giving action points for you to follow to find your trigger foods. These are the foods that give you trouble (of whatever sort). This is extremely important as it gives you the tools to figure out, at least hopefully, what might be ailing you. He starts with elimination then slowly bringing foods back into your diet while you track effects on your system.

The book is an easy read (or listen), even a page turner as he uncovers what he finds along the way of his research, his discovery, and his own journey to health. I listened to the audiobook and walked on several detours just so I could finish it! I didn’t really want it to end.

[quote]If you don’t do the 21 days and find out if you learn something about your body, you can’t really still question what’s wrong with your body.[/quote]

I especially like the medical doctors (MDs) who slowly turn a corner and go the non-traditional route. Any schmo can eat broccoli and his right finger stops twitching, but Junger spent years and his own pain and suffering to come to his conclusions and it’s worth at least listening to his story so at least you know.

Common Triggers

  • Gluten
  • Dairy

The Big Three Triggers

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Refined Sugar

These triggers are more difficult because they’re, well, the fun stuff! I can live without pizza dough and cow’s milk, but red wine and chai? Ouch. Note that these are less common triggers than gluten and dairy.

  • Possible: eat whatever you like, take pills for ills
  • Impossible: cure disease¬†with a carrot
  • Repossible: dig deeper into your health and take control of your body