They’re only 10 and 12, but they’re outgrowing their space and their fans are demanding the boys’ independence.

Can you help choose their online space and pick a domain name for them?

They’ve been living here at Repossible and scattered over at The Cream for a while now, but people are clamoring for, “I don’t want to hang out with their dad, I want to hang with Li & Lu.”

I can’t fight the onslaught of 10 & 12-year olds any longer. It’s time for the boys to move out. But their name in the online world needs a domain and we need to choose one.

Do characters in a book need a domain name of their own? If there is a series of books and they have a following, their fans need a place to find them.

Choosing a domain name for your book’s characters.

For this domain, I’d like to shoot for:

  1. Short: not “” but more “”)
  2. Available: isn’t available. Here’s a fun place to look for available domain names.
  3. Light:¬†these are kids, young boys. We’re not talking about a law firm. I saw was available. Not that.
  4. Dot-Com: I no longer find the “dot-com” (e.g. necessary. Sure, it’s the most common, but it’s not required. Also, isn’t available. However, is–but I get the name “Lian” in there.
  5. Resilience: they’re going to be living here until either Li or Lu turn 18 (whoever comes first … emotionally). The domain name can’t be lilu.gummybears.

What do you think? Any ideas?

  • Possible:
  • Impossible:
  • Repossible: open to suggestions