The 7 Chakras

The 7 Chakras

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Also known as energy centers, what are these balls of fire in our bodies?

Are they “real”? And what is real for that matter? They’ve been around, that is, assuming there has been something to “have been,” for centuries if not thousands of years. What are they, what do they do, what can they do for us, or rather, what can we do for them?

Over the next 7 days, I’m going to gather basic summaries of what the chakras are. There is so much information out there, but again, since it’s not a science (or is it?), the viewpoints are wide and varied.

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Bradley Charbonneau was sitting with his 8-year old reading a bad children's book when he said to his son, "We can do better than this ... and you're going to help me." Then they did it. He hasn't stopped since.

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