Looking for a short juice cleanse that’s easy, fun and yummy? I recently read about the founders of Sambazon and I was so smitten with their story that I thought I’d try their off-the-shelf 3-day juice cleanse.

Sambazon 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Sambazon 3-Day Juice Cleanse

These guys are doing it right. Down where they gather their super acai berries in Brazil, the Sambazon founders talk about the Triple Bottom Line and how that helps:

  1. The rain forest itself,
  2. Farmers of the rain forest,
  3. Sambazon’s customers.

If you count, most companies are usually pretty only interested in #3 or even a #4: their investors, which is actually their #1 (and often only item on the bottom line). Plus they have really pretty packaging, which does its job: it’s appealing, it looks delicious. Ah, marketing.

Speaking of marketing, I’m actually kind of a hard-core juice faster. I don’t need pretty marketing to get me to drink juice and shakes and go on extreme diets. That said, I’ve been wanting to shed a few pounds and haven’t been pushing it hard enough. I hit my goal weight a year or so ago (hard part) and I’ve managed to hover right around it (harder part). If I want to get under that weight, it’s going to take an exponential bit of determination (hardest part). I needed a little marketing, a little fluff, a little bit of pretty packaging to get me over this next hurdle. Do what it takes. Right?

Juice Cleanse Day 1

I now remember that nasty “lemon juice and cayenne pepper” cleanse we did several years ago! Although this isn’t as bitter, it’s tart. Good, that makes me think it’s doing something, right? The old, “If it tastes bad, it must be good for you!” But it doesn’t taste bad. As with pretty much anything, you get used to it. It reminds that you’re doing something different these three days.

Sambazon Prepare

The 3-container package I bought came with a beautifully designed booklet with some background on the product, the company, and the juice cleanse. It suggests healthy meals to eat during the cleanse or if you want to go all in, you can do all liquid, all the time.

Juice Cleanse Day 2

Went to sleep a bit hungry last night, but went to sleep early so it wasn’t a painful night. I actually enjoy going to bed a bit hungry. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. If I eat too much at night, especially late and especially heavy food (especially red meat, which I don’t each much of at all anymore) I’m almost guaranteed to sleep poorly, have nightmares, and wake up with a calorie hangover.

Sambazon Eliminate

I had a bowl of carrots and snap peas in the afternoon, which saved me as I was getting hungry and the juice wasn’t curbing that hunger. It got me through the evening and then the chocolatey-milk-tasking “Recharge” drink pulled me through. Compared to Prepare, it’s like a liquid chocolate cake!

[quote]Bonus: Enjoy more what you’re not allowing yourself.[/quote]

Juice Cleanse Day 3

Now I remember what I liked about the juice cleanses: I “feel” lighter. I weighed myself and I’ve lost 2 pounds in 3 days, but I also just feel lighter. It’s a good feeling. No, it’s an awesome feeling and I am in love with it.

Sambazon Recharge

Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment, but I actually enjoy experiments. I like to just see what happens. What do you have to lose? (Ha, unintentional pun: weight.) It’s a challenge and it’s healthy to see if you’re up for a challenge. I’ve done 3 days with little food and mostly juice, lost 2 pounds, feel great about my weight but also feel accomplished that I accepted, took on, and succeeded in a challenge. Did I just use the word glutton in a post about a juice cleanse? Maybe I’ve had too many acai berries …

After 3 days, I’m … ready for more. It’s the competitor in me. I want to keep going, I want to see how far how I can go. But I’m not going to, not this time. It’s a 3-day juice cleanse. I’m going to stop after 3 days. I enjoyed it, “succeeded” and am reminded that I can and will do this again–and don’t always need to take it to the extreme.

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It’s an easy juice cleanse and I can recommend it because along the same lines as why you hire a personal trainer: because it’s going to help you actually do it. If showing up is half the battle, the other half is getting some help with that juice cleanse you’ve been wanting to do. They make it easy, yummy, you might learn a few new recipes along the way and enjoy what you deny yourself.

  • Possible: read the post above the juice cleanse.  
  • Impossible: wait for a “real” juice cleanse.
  • Repossible: do this one anyway.

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What do you eat after the juice cleanse?

It’s as important to “ease out” of the cleanse as it is to “ease in.” In other words, don’t have double cheeseburgers the night before the cleanse and the pepperoni pizza right afterwards. In fact, take this challenge as a “crutch” (or reason or trigger) to help you work on your diet before and after. Try to prolong it as much as you can. For the immediate day after, stick to the cleanse as much as you can, maybe give yourself a “treat” of something yummy, but healthy. Take it slow afterwards, ease out of it, eat well as much as you can for as long as you can. Who knows, you might develop it into a habit. 😉

I’m hungry on the juice cleanse!

Your body is adjusting to eating less and your stomach knows it! Personally, I weirdly enjoy the feeling of a little bit of hunger as it makes me feel like I’m actually doing something, I’m accomplishing a goal, I’m working at it. If I don’t feel anything, is anything happening? But if that hunger is bugging you, my suggestion is to drink water or a non-/low-calorie drink, but water is best. It won’t necessarily satisfy your hunger, but it’ll fill you up a bit and maybe help you hold off until your next snack or meal.